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…a heartfelt “Thank You” to our customers, readers, suppliers and friends.

If you read the birthday list – perhaps our most popular feature each month – you will notice my name listed on October 6th.  Well, folks, that’s my magic 75th.  January, or course, is much younger (I have always been accused of robbing the cradle)

After much thought and prayer, we have decided to actually retire – which is why we came to “God’s country” in the first place – and truly enjoy our little piece of Heaven on earth.  Actually, this will be the third time I have retired – and three times is a charm.

To say we have enjoyed bringing you The Green Sheets each month would be an understatement. Through our involvement with our magazine, we have met so many wonderful people and made so many new friends.  This has been a labor of love…and we love you all.
The Green Sheets has been a part of the fabric of our community for over six years. However, as the cliché goes…all good things must come to an end…so our October magazine will be our final issue.


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 We are very proud of the contributions our magazine has made in our community and we hope it has helped it to prosper just a bit.  For over six years, we have supported – at no charge – dozens of charitable projects, church activities and fund-raisers for those in need.

With the loss of our home last year, the expressions of concern and help from people we didn’t even know at the time was simply overwhelming – and to this day continues to be a blessing…and we thank you for that, also!

As owners of The Green Sheets, we bid farewell to our magazine with fond memories of success and accomplishment.  January and I are looking forward to enjoying our retirement…maybe some world travel would be in order! 

But who knows just what opportunities might present themselves for us continue to serve the community we have fallen in love with?
Now - for all us “kids” who can remember the “George Burns & Gracie Allen Show,” we say…”Goodnight George; Goodnight Gracie.”

January & Thomas Roskelly


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